Lilly strives for an Interdependent HSE Culture fostering engagement of employees and contractors, characterized by the following behaviors: helping, caring, and looking out for others while having organizational pride.

Lilly Global Safety Belief: “No one (Lilly, Contractor, or Visitor) should ever get hurt at work…..ever!!!” With this in mind, every person working for or contracted by Lilly is responsible for contributing to the provisions of a safe workplace. Everyone has responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Lilly takes the health and safety of every individual onsite seriously! In order to achieve these high standards set forth by Lilly, they have implemented a detailed Contractor Qualification system that all contractor firms working onsite must abide by. Depending on the risk of the work performed will determine the scrutiny of which the firm will be evaluated. To initiate this online process please contact your Lilly Representative or send an email to:

Those contract firms already working at Lilly use the Login button (in the upper right hand corner of this page) above and use the credentials you were sent to complete the login process.

Orientation Requirements

All contractors (non-Lilly employees) receiving a Lilly issued badge are required to take the appropriate Health and Safety Orientation courses. If you are unsure of which course to take, please see the Table 1 below for further clarification.

Online Training Here
click here for online training

Important: All contractors need to be able to read and speak English to be able to complete the course(s). If they are unable to read AND speak English, please contact the orientation advisor (317-276-8740) to arrange for a special orientation – your firm will need to provide an interpreter.

The Orientation session titles have changed:

- Risk Level 1 is now “Introductory Health and Safety Orientation for Contractors”
- Risk Level 2 is now “Advanced Health and Safety Orientation for Contractors”

Your company contact or supervisor will provide you with a password to access the online training. Additional instructions and the links to the training will be available once you are logged in to the training portal.

ladder, ceiling, office, ppe, tools

Hot Work Permit, Safe Work Permit, and PSM/API training will CONTINUE as leader led courses held in Building 301.

Table 1
Online Courses Leader Led Courses (now in Building 301)
Introductory Health and Safety Orientation for Contractors
Required for all contract personnel receiving a Lilly badge.
Hot Work (HWP) & Safe Work (SWP) PSM-API
Mon, Wed, Fri at 7:30 am – 9 am

Hot Work: For those performing or overseeing open flame or spark producing work. This training is required every three (3) years.

Safe Work: For those involved primarily in construction/maintenance work that utilize the SWP process.

Required for those working in areas at Lilly that have hazardous chemicals (PSM areas).
Advanced Contractor Health & Safety Orientation for Contractors
Required for all contract personnel performing higher risk work. This includes anyone working in food services, janitorial, any construction activities or if your job requires you to work in hazardous areas or work with hazardous chemicals.
Where to get the training?
Online Site Safety Training:

Click Here
Leader Led - Schedule Training:

Click Here

How do I get a badge?

What documents do I need to get the required badge?

  1. Government issued photo ID
  2. Printed course completion email with confirmation number
  3. Printed Attestation Form, provided by your company, found in Beeline.

Where do I go?

Lilly Technology Center-North
Time: 6:00am – 2:00pm Monday - Friday
B301 Contractor Badging Office 1st Floor, next to entrance
1200 W. Morris Street Indianapolis, 46221

1200 W. Morris Street Indianapolis, 46221
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Eli Lilly & Company Contractor Information Booklet (CIB) for Health, Safety and Environmental

This booklet is intended for ALL contractors working on-site at an Eli Lilly and Company site in the state of Indiana.

The most current edition is located here

Please note: The electronic version of the CIB is updated periodically to reflect current policy revisions. The electronic version of the CIB is located in the Contractor Safety Management collaboration site ( The electronic version is considered the official document. You can contact your local Contractor HSE Advisor if you have difficulty accessing the collaboration site.

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